Barkatu Bartok !



From violin duets by Bela Bartok


Violin, voice and mandolin

With Chris Martineau and Denise Laborde


Does it prick, Bartok?

What is the link between paprika and hot pepper?

Could one use them to dress a haïku?


« Barkatu Bartok! (Forgive us, Bartok!) is at the same time the high spirit of duets, which sublimate the popular hungarian music, and also a kind of going back to the popular roots of those musics, through songs borrowed to the hungarian musical base, or basque or to other countries more or less real. This great moment of vivid art is terribly effective: for all ages and all open-minded audiences. »

Philippe Méziat - Directeur du Bordeaux Jazz Festival


Production le Grain with the support of the Institut Culturel Basque.